By uploading an image containing recognisable people, our Contributors confirm that the model(s) in the image have given their explicit consent for their image to be distributed as a stock photograph. In the case of children, you are confirming that their parent or guardian gave their explicit consent.

We do not insist on seeing written proof of consent because the responsibility lies with the Contributor, not this website.

However, many serious image buyers require stronger reassurance that the model has given their consent. With this in mind, we invite you to send us Model Release Forms for any images you have submitted that contain recognisable people. The Forms will not be made available for download, because they will contain personal details about the model and photographer.

Once we have a Model Release Form we can tag your images “Model Release Confirmed”. This might improve sales.

Please note the Model Release Form must contain a photograph of the model concerned, and be signed by both the model and the photographer.

Forms must be scanned and sent to us by email.

At the moment, we can only tag your photos “Model Release Confirmed” if you send us forms for all the models in your entire portfolio. We are unable to pick out certain photos, it has to be applied to all.

This is optional

We do not insist on a Model Release Form, we will still accept photos without one, based on your declaration that the person(s) have given consent. But customers might prefer to purchase photos that have the “Model Release Confirmed” tag over ones that don’t.

Example model release form

We are working on a template form, but in the meantime we recommend the free forms available from Professional Photographer.

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