Size Guide

We offer the following image sizes:

Size Size along longest length Price Download example
Small 400 pixels Free (see terms) Example image
Small 400 pixels $3 Example image
Medium 640 pixels $5 Example image
Large 1024 pixels $8 Example image
High resolution Varies, check image detail page Varies, from $10 Example image

Resizing / cropping images

If you want an image at a different size to those shown above, you are welcome to resize / crop them as you see fit. Most graphics programs allow you to resize / crop; alternatively search Google for free online image resizing services.

Using images in printed materials: DPI (dots per inch)

When an image is printed, it is made up of tiny dots, that are so small they are almost invisible to the human eye, ensuring the image looks perfect.

DPI is a setting within the image that tells the printer how many dots to use per inch. The commercial industry standard for high quality printing is 300DPI, although satisfactory results can be achieved at lower DPI.

For example, if an image is 3000 pixels by 2100 pixels, this will give a print size of 10 inches x 7 inches @ 300DPI. Or, by lowering the DPI to 240, a print size of 12.5 inches x 8.75 inches would be possible.

DPI is just a setting within the image and can be easily changed in any graphics program, or by anyone in the design / printing industry.

Free DPI service!

If you purchase an image and want to change the DPI but cannot do it yourself, we are happy to do this for you free of charge. Just contact us after purchasing and let us know what DPI setting you would like. We will turn it round very quickly (within a few hours normally).

Using images on screen (websites etc)

The DPI setting is irrelevant when images are displayed on screen / websites.