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Emotive landscape shot by Evgeni Dinev

Landscape images are very common, so it takes something special to become a top seller. This evocative landscape scene by Evgeni Dinev is rather special. It's a great shot of the landscape, which has been well enhanced (without being spoilt) by post production tweaks. In this photo we're not seeing the landscape through our own eyes, but through those of the lone man sitting on the rock. Why is he there alone? Is his loneliness a sign of sadness? Or has he just paused to enjoy the magnificent view? We'll never know, but the many possible interpretations makes it suitable for a variety of customers' needs.

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Editorial images now accepted
We can now accept images which are for editorial use only.

New image editing facility
It's now much easier for you to view/amend your existing images.

Contributor survey - what you told us
Thank you to everyone who completed our contributor survey.

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Take five...great ideas for editorial images

1. News events unfolding which are of national or international significance

2. Well composed images of global brands such as Apple, McDonalds or Nike

3. National or international beauty pageants

4. The very latest technological gadgets

5. Parades, festivals or protest marches of international interest

Thanks to Stuart Miles and Imagerymajestic for the featured images.

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