Publishing an acknowledgement

Purchasing good quality images can be expensive, and you can't always justify the cost, so we give you a small version of all our images free of charge.

All we ask in return is that you publish an acknowledgement (or 'attribution') when you use the image so that you acknowledge who created the image and where it came from.

We understand that this isn't always possible, so if you are unable (or prefer not) to publish an acknowledgement all our images are available to purchase, starting at US Dollar US$3.00. If you purchase an image then you don't need to publish an acknowledgement.

How to word the acknowledgement

When publishing an acknowledgement you must include both the name of the artist who created the image and “”. The name of the image creator can be found at the top of the download page and will be included in your download confirmation email. We suggest that you use a format like this: Image courtesy of [name of the image creator] at

If you are logged in to your account then any images you download will be automatically recorded so you can access the details for your acknowledgement at any time. Create an account.

Where to put the acknowledgement

Where you place the acknowledgement will vary according to the way you are using the image. Here are some common examples of how our images are used and where the acknowledgement should be positioned for each one:


The acknowledgement should be published somewhere on the page that each free image appears on. Where the same image is used on multiple pages (for example if you use it as a background or banner on multiple pages) please publish the acknowledgement just once, for example on an 'about' page.

Facebook (eg profile pictures, cover pictures, status updates)

Include the acknowledgement in a status update, or in the text accompanying an uploaded image.

Twitter (eg profile pictures, background pictures)

Tweet an acknowledgement (our Twitter user name is @fdigitalphotos).

Printed media

Publish the acknowledgement adjacent to the image each time that image is used.

DVD, Blu-ray, CD and digital music covers

For Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs, place the acknowledgement on the front, rear or inside cover. Where the cover is digital (eg mp3) you should add the acknowledgement to the image using image editing software.

Book or eBook covers

Place the acknowledgement adjacent to the image or in a list of image acknowledgements.

Television broadcasts

Include the acknowledgement within the opening or closing credits of the broadcast.

Films (including YouTube and Vimeo)

Add the acknowledgement to the opening or closing credits of the film, or within the text description of the video.

Software, smartphone applications and video games

Include the acknowledgement in the ‘About’ screen or a similar location.


Add the acknowledgement somewhere within the email.

School or college projects

Place the acknowledgement adjacent to the image or in a list of references.

PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and other end-user applications

Show the acknowledgement adjacent to the image or in a list of references.


Where you are using the image for a purpose not listed above please ensure that you position the acknowledgement appropriately, in line with the spirit of our requirements above.