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Welcome! You are invited to join our community of professional photographers and digital illustrators who sell their images online through

We’re a rapidly growing stock image marketplace with a large, international customer base. We understand that your creativity is key to our business success, so when you sell your images through you keep 70% of the income.

What you need for your application

Before you complete this application please ensure you have:

  1. 8 example images showing the best of your work.
    • Each image must be a jpg or jpeg file.
    • Each image's longest side must be between 2200 and 8000 pixels.
    • Each file must be no more than 20mb in size.
    • Do not enlarge smaller images to meet these criteria, the quality will not be good enough.
  2. A piece of photo identification.
    • This must be an official document, for example a driver's licence or passport, which includes a photo of you, your full name and date of birth.
    • It must be clear and legible.
    • It can be a jpg, jpeg, png, doc, docx or pdf file.
    • The file must be no more than 2mb in size.
    • If you wish you may blank out any identification numbers on the document.

How to apply

There are three steps to the application process:

  1. Read our guidelines to make sure that your images are the sort of thing we're looking for and that you understand what we need in terms of keywords, titles, etc.
  2. Complete your personal details, which will include uploading a piece of photo ID.
  3. Upload 8 of your best images to show us how good your pictures are and, finally, agree to our terms and conditions.

Once we have reviewed your application you will receive an email to let you know whether it has been successful.

What happens next

If your application is successful you will be able to start uploading images to the website. All our images are quality checked and we also check that the keywords you have used are appropriate.

We will sell small, medium, large and high resolution versions of your images and offer a small, low resolution version free of charge to customers who agree to publish a credit acknowledging you as the image creator.

You'll also have the option to sell high resolution versions of your images with an extended licence, so customers can use them on merchandising and other mass produced items. But you can opt out of this if you prefer.

Your smaller sized images, and any images sold with an extended licence, will be sold at our standard prices. As a new contributor you can choose the selling price for your high resolution images, though this must be between US$10 and $50. After 3 months, the maximum price you can charge will be reviewed depending on the overall quality of your portfolio.

For every sale you will keep 70% of the income. We will pay you through PayPal and you can cash out as often as you like so long as you have earned at least US$10 (please contact us before applying if you live in a country where PayPal payments are not available).

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